The Second ACM International Workshop
on UnderWater Networks (WUWNet)

In conjunction with ACM MobiCom 2007
September 14 2007, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Sponsored by ACM SIGMOBILE

Technical Co-Sponsorship:
IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society



Oct. 23, 2007: Poster presentations have been added to the Work-in-Progress Session of the Workshop Program.

Sep. 28, 2007: WUWNet'07 is the BEST attended workshop among the five non-free ones (SANET, WinTech, VANET, WUWNet, and CHANTS) at MobiCom'07.

Sep. 24, 2007: Papers and presentation slides have been added to Workshop Program.

Sep. 11, 2007: Session Chairs have been finalized.

Sep. 9, 2007: Demo Session has been added.

Sep. 7, 2007: Work-In-Progress Posters Session has been added.

Important Dates:

Submission deadline: May 11, 2007 Extended to May 18, 2007

Acceptance notification: June 16, 2007 Extended to June 29, 2007

Camera-ready version due: June 30, 2007 Extended to July 16, 2007

Registration with discounted rates: August 17, 2007

Poster/Demo submission deadline: August 17, 2007

Student travel grant application deadline: August 20, 2007

Advance registration (on-line, mail, fax) deadline: August 27, 2007

Workshop date: September 14, 2007

Overview of WUWNet:

The oceans cover 71% of the earth's surface and represent one of the least explored frontiers, yet the oceans are integral to climate regulation, nutrient production, oil retrieval and transportation. As such, there is significant interest in monitoring aquatic environments for scientific, environmental, commercial, safety, and military reasons. While there is a need for highly precise, real-time, fine grained spatio-temporal sampling of the ocean environment, current methods such as remote telemetry and sequential local sensing cannot satisfy current needs, let alone future needs. The notion of an underwater network is relatively new due to the lack of maturity of underwater acoustic communication. However, networks are critical in order to achieve the monitoring goals noted above. The physical challenges of acoustic underwater communication and the complexity of diverse aquatic environments require us to completely re-think how a network should be deployed in underwater environments. Challenges to be overcome by underwater acoustic modem and network designers include: severely limited range-dependent bandwidth and attenuation, extensive time-varying multi-path propagation, and low speed of sound propagation in water resulting in long propagation delays. Moreover, a unique feature of underwater networks is that nodes can passively move due to water currents and dispersion. All the above distinct features of underwater networks yield grand challenges for every level of the network protocol suite.

The goal of WUWNet is to bring together researchers and practioners in areas relevant to underwater networks. Thus, many layers of the "stack" from the physical layer to the application layer will be represented. The objective is to serve as a forum for presenting state of the art research, exchanging ideas and experiences, and facilitating interaction and collaboration.

Previous Workshops: WUWNet'06


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